Goodbye Sophia!

Posted on: April 25, 2019 Posted by: Becky's Bath House Comments: 0

Goodbye Sophia!

Sophia had to go back to Germany this week, and we’re all going to miss having her around. She’s writen a few parting words for us. Thanks so much for everything you’ve done here, please come back and visit us (and Tobi) soon!

“Unfortunately, I spent only two weeks with the project, so I recommend everyone a longer stay, it is worth it! This project allows you to leave your personal touch there and you always have plenty of creative freedom to beautify Becky’s Bathhouse. Coordinators are always willing to accept new proposals.

To give the arriving families a break from the camp in Moria was probably the nicest part of my stay, because you can see that the families feel like humans again after a few hours, after they have been living in inhumane conditions for weeks or months. You can give them something back by spoiling them for a few hours, playing with their children so that they have some peace for themselves, or you can blowdry their hair or paint their nails, or simply talk to them. Loving and attentive little things can brighten their day so much.

The work was very interesting for me and I was able to take home a lot for myself, but I wish that I could have done more and stayed longer for the project and the refugees! Aside from working at Becky’s Bathhouse, I also made some great friendships with the other volunteers and we were a great team and I had a great time on Lesbos. If you decide to join the project, next to the workstation, a sweet dog named Tobi is waiting for you, who would be pleased if you pet him or even go for a walk with him.”