We are a women-only shower facility for female migrants and their children staying in Moria – Lesvos largest refugee camp. Our project aims to restore women’s dignity, even temporarily, by giving them an opportunity to shower in safety and to provide a calm and relaxed space where they can have a break from camp conditions with a cup of chai and a chat. The living conditions in the camp have often been compared to a prison and the centre provides a simple but much needed relief.

We currently offer a system of six showers cubicles with a lockable door and private changing area, and provides about 50 showers a day. After being driven to the centre, each user receives toiletries donated by LUSH, a hotel-quality towel, new underwear and they can enjoy time to relax in a female-friendly space. The facility is also equipped with a laundry room, an on-site prayer room, a play area, and a gym area offering yoga, swimming and self-defense classes.

We work closely other organisations, sending referrals to Osteopathy for Refugees, our osteopathic clinic located in the same building as the Bath House. We also work with other organisations on the island as different needs arise.

We are always looking for more volunteers to join our team from around the world, either remotely or by coming to Lesvos.

About Moria

Since moving to Lesbos, it rapidly became apparent that water and sanitation facilities in the island’s main camp, Moria, were inadequate.

Built in 2013, Moria camp has an intended capacity to host 2,500 people. Yet 8,000 people fill this space, flowing out into an olive grove.

As the first entry point into Greece, the refugee population in Lesbos is high, ever increasing, and services are insufficient. Overcrowded, filthy and violent, local charity workers have described it as “the worst refugee camp on earth.” Services are pushed to breaking point. There is scant access to hot water, hygiene is poor and disease is rife. Of this demographic, women are the most vulnerable.