Comments from just a few of the many wonderful volunteers that have passed through our doors. We miss you all!

MONA: “I came from France as the first volunteer of Becky’s Bathhouse in the beginning of 2019 and it was an amazing human experience! I am so glad to have had the opportunity to see such a big growth and evolution in the organization during my stay. Each week we had built new things in the warehouse and welcomed new people in the team.

“During my time there, we used to support two families each day. Meeting these people from Moria camp was for me the most interesting part of my stay. You share a very privileging time with these people in difficulty, and do your best to make them relax and enjoy themselves in Becky’s Bathhouse. This experience makes me really understand better the migrants’ crisis situation and realize that it is possible to help.

“We were working in the warehouse during the week and have free time on the weekend to enjoy the island: beaches, restaurants, bars… There is a very big community of volunteers on the island so you can easily meet people. After one month and half there, I keep very nice memories about the work and the people in the organization, but also the very easy lifestyle on Lesvos Island. I am so grateful to all the girls with whom I shared this experience!”

SOPHIA: “This project allows you to leave your personal touch there and you always have plenty of creative freedom to beautify Becky’s Bathhouse. Coordinators are always willing to accept new proposals.

“To give the arriving families a break from the camp in Moria was probably the nicest part of my stay, because you can see that the families feel like humans again after a few hours, after they have been living in inhumane conditions for weeks or months. You can give them something back by spoiling them for a few hours, playing with their children so that they have some peace for themselves, or you can blowdry their hair or paint their nails, or simply talk to them. Loving and attentive little things can brighten their day so much.

“The work was very interesting for me and I was able to take home a lot for myself, but I wish that I could have done more and stayed longer for the project and the refugees!

RACHAEL: “My time at the Bathhouse was filled with laughter, lessons and inspiration. Coming into a new environment is always intimidating but the other volunteers, Ulli, and her family made me feel at home immediately. Over the course of just a few weeks it became evident that the Bathhouse is a source of hope and light across the island. I am incredibly lucky to have been part of such an amazing team and will always cherish the moments I spent braiding hair, painting nails, and laughing with dozens of individuals from across the world.