We are always looking for female volunteers to join our international team. Our volunteers help with a variety of tasks, including organising pick ups from camp, driving our van and car, preparing hot drinks, cleaning showers, watching over kids, supporting to our female beneficiaries through talking and listening, organising activities, keeping the center clean and beautiful, and generally ensuring that this remains a safe and calm place for showers and relaxation. We’re particularly on the look out for French and Farsi speaking volunteers.

If you’d like to help out but can’t get to Lesvos, you can also join our small team of fundraising and social media assistants, who work remotely.

If you speak Farsi or Arabic, we are always looking for translators to help with our work. Most of the women who visit are from Afghanistan and Iran, so Farsi speakers are especially useful.

Before you decide whether Becky’s Bathhouse is the right place for you, please have a read here of a more detailed description of the role, and what paperwork you’ll need to send us. Then click on the button below